BunnFunn Works, Inc
An Historical Fashion Photo Essay Portfolio

We create fashion that helps depict stories of historical-fiction rooted in truth and fact.  Some stories of our nation’s history are difficult to bring to the surface.  With yards of fabric, passion and a profound respect for things that are bygone; I create brilliant,  colorful reproduction period pieces that go hand in hand with rarely shared stories of the contributions of people of color to the birth of our nation from the days of emancipation to the present.   The pieces are presented in a delicate manner and as palatable as can be for purposes of exposing these stories to children of all ages to help combat the negative images they may identify with as people of color.   We want our children, our communities, and everyone around the world to see, to know and to respect that … We Wore More Than Shackles.

These are the first installments of a 12 – 15 piece art series, in progress, using textiles and photographs to share stories of “A Day in the Life” of unsung heroes and heroines from past self-sufficient communities of color consisting  of professional, politically savvy, and hard-working laborers, whom based their principles on family, education, built institutions such as churches, schools, farms and gardens.  They created a haven for fugitives and abolitionists alike.  The next renditions will take a deeper look into the authenticity of the textiles of our original and indigenous ancestors before being brought to the island of "Manahatta".  I will seek to use  indigenous textiles to continue sharing stories  about our greatness that are obscured.